Singer confidence quilter 7469q sewing and quilting machine reviews 2021

If you are in search of a sewing machine that fits every sewing level, then the Singer 7469q computerized quilting and sewing machine are what you need. The strategies used in this machine are very impressive. It is definitely a major stand out, and it offers confidence to its users in a unique way. If you want to keep the machine to yourself or present it as a gift, it works best either way.

Introduction of Singer 7469q

By just look glance at the Singer 7469q, you can easily believe that this machine is going to do you wonders, plus its extremely reliable.

singer 7469q confidence quilter model sewing and quilting machine

Simple to-utilize guides and simple to-utilize aides are accessible immediately, and there is additionally a brisk reference crease direct that drives it down on the control board. Advantageous and simple to explore, the touchpad has 98 valuable embellishments and knitting needles readily available.

The Singer 7469Q Confidence Quilter isn’t just sewing and stitching machine; it is a perfect instructive machine.

Singer 7469Q Confidence Quilter Sewing machines is strong items to pick a quilter for your spending limit. This machine, which has a long-haul guarantee, is difficult to use for the sewer for tenderfoots and the propelled sewer is anything but difficult to adjust. The Singer 7469Q sewing machine best for sewists of every level, and everything is prescribed in the manual of the machine.

One of the most significant perspectives is to make a magnificent instructive PC, whether you chip away at your own or present your companions to the specialties.

There are 98 needles and 7 buttonholes, one of which can be set to ‘interminability’ and you can pick the time you need to remain. There are numerous choices to browse. With cautious planning, you can undoubtedly deal with numerous layers.

The singer 7469q confidence quilter model sewing and quilting machine can be utilized in the two sewers and quilters, yet just individuals with blankets can capitalize on it.


Construction of Singer 7469Q

When it comes to the weight and the appearance of the Singer 7469q, it can be defined as versatile. No doubt the machine is portable, lightweight and one might also say; delicate. So, it won’t be accurate to take the machine in unhealthy environments, but it’s okay to transfer the machine from home-to-home.

The designs are anything but difficult to peruse in outer capacities, enabling you to control the alternatives accessible with this sewing machine rapidly.

With its expert appearance, this sewing machine gives you trust in genuine clients. This sewing machine weighs about 22.9 lbs. The measurements of this machine are 17 x 8 x12.5 inches. It has a switching capacity of 98 lines, and 7 first steps catch gaps which are fused.

The singer 7469q confidence quilter computerized quilting machine is overall programmed and has various in-built features.

It is equipped with an amazing Drop-in bobbin system.

And last but the not the least this machine comes with an amazing multiyear constrained warranty.

Working Principle

Working Principle

The Singer 7469Q Confidence Quilters strings and curl windings are difficult to pursue, alongside simple to-stringing guides, top loops and loop tops. This likewise causes the client to follow the measure of string that can be utilized on the bobbin before beginning a long line or an overwhelming task.

Let’s just say, for instance; you are about to enclose a string from the center of a beautifully sewn blanket, even the best sewing machines can’t give you the results you need. With a Singer 7469q sewing machine, the amount of perfection and quality you will receive is outclassed and cannot be compared with other sewing machines.

With this basic capacity, you don’t need to stop and restart the cushioning design without restarting initially. The Singer 7469Q Confidence Quilter is accessible for both sewing, so I chose to complete somewhat more work for this survey.

The majority of Singer 7469q quilting machine reviews are based on its spare parts, how they function, and how they can be replaced. However, in this Singer 7469q sewing machine review, every part of the machine will be discussed, and nothing will be left out. Starting from the purpose of the warranty, each aspect will be covered.

The Singer 7469Q Confidence Quilter works quietly and without issues. The standard worktable is additionally utilized as an embellishment box, and when it is expelled, a useful free arm shows up for sewing little things. The huge augmentation table is an enhancement that encourages the formation of huge stitching ventures.

Amazing Features

Amazing Features

  1. 98 needles

On the off chance that you utilize 98 distinct lines, you may experience issues picking which fastens to attempt first. You can make your preferred blankets by picking a few one-advance catch gaps.

On the off chance that you are not happy with the current alternatives, this machine functions admirably provides you the free configuration.

  1. Sew and drop bobbin system

A standout amongst the best things about sewing machines is that you can begin quicker.

The drop bobbin framework works at a fast. The reasonable case makes it simple to perceive how much space is left. Will you begin an incredible undertaking? If you take a gander at one of your reels and you can say the last one or the switch.

  1. Programmed machine for threading needles

Another advantageous capacity is to expel the string from the needle. You will never again need to clean the little needles. Let the machine work for you and spotlight on the fun piece of the blanket.

  1. 13 needle positions

Sewing can be a fragile procedure particularly, on the off chance that you need to make this venture immaculate. With 13 needle positions and the alternative to utilize two needles in one, you can see that there is no conceivable structure. The singer confidence quilter 7469q patterns allow creating great designs while quilting and clothing.

  1. Various Layers

Obviously, you truly need to make a decent blanket; you ought to have the option to sew a few layers of texture. Singer 7469Q Confidence Quilter Sewing machines are reasonable for a wide range of textures and can deal with thick textures. The main folks you cannot work with are calfskin and skin.

  1. Broadened table

The two sewers and quilters can have an all-encompassing sewing table. This table is fundamental with regards to enormous sewing or sewing ventures.  These are included in the 7469q singer confidence quilter parts. As your workspace gets greater, you can get a fantasy cover a lot simpler because sewers and blankets can stay away from disarray while you deal with bigger undertakings.



Sitting and stitching should not be possible without the important frill. As Singer knows, we have added a scope of assistance to benefit as much as possible from our dependable quilters.

The singer 7469q accessories include:

  • Multipurpose foot
  • Zipper foot
  • buttonhole foot
  • Blind Hem fit
  • Satin point.
  • Needle bundle
  • Coil (class 15J)
  • String spool top
  • Secondary reel situate
  • Spool stick felt
  • Screwdriver
  • Sewing ripper/build up brush
  • Soft twofold sided powder spread
  • Quick Start Guide
  • DVD prologue to the PC
  • User’s guide
  • Power string
  • Pedal

Pros & Cons


  • Portable
  • User-friendly
  • Adjustable Presser feet
  • LEDs
  • Sturdy machine
  • Wide variety of fitted stitches


  • It is only used in Canada and the US
  • No speed control provided

Buyers Guide

Buyers Guide

The Singer sewing machine isn’t elusive. The brand is on the racks of numerous sewer houses, retail establishments, and strength stores.

Singer 7469Q Confidence Quilter the PC sewing machine is unquestionable of good quality. Supported by a confided in brand, this stitching framework isn’t elusive both in stores and on the web.  As far as the singer 7469q confidence quilter sewing machine price is concerned, you should start, looking at these online retailers Joann (from $ 279), Wal-Mart (from $ 289), Best Buy (from $ 291) and you can utilize it on Amazon.

The singer confidence quilter threading machine can also be found in various online stores too. The singer confidence quilter tension problems are there, but still, it’s the best sewing machine for beginners. Talking about the singer confidence quilter walking foot, you will experience much greater experience due to this functionality of this sewing machine.

With the Singer 7469Q tutorial, you can learn to operate the machine efficiently.


Like many other Singer sewing machines, the Singer 7469Q Machine is an incredible sidekick for fledglings. Also, it hasn’t fallen in the snare where further developed clients would hazard getting exhausted with just constrained lines or absence of frill.

Along these lines, it’s additionally an ideal machine to enable other individuals to make their first strides in knitting, without inclination exhausted you at glancing back at the nuts and bolts. Toward the finish of this Singer 7469Q quilter, it’s not out of the question to infer that this sewing machine is an ideal counterpart for pretty much any quilter who needs more without dishing out something over the top.

Individuals who are progressively keen on just sewing would be in an ideal situation searching for a machine increasingly had practical experience in sewing, even though for an apprentice, this sewing machine would likewise work marvels.

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