Difference between Sewing Machine and Overlocker

Sewing Machine vs Serger

We are living in a world where fine stitched clothes are the topmost priority of every sensible person. People invest in their clothing and seek for a finely stitched cloth.

So the importance of sewing machines and sergers have raised because these machines as compared to early times, make our work so easy that we can sew loads of clothes in no time with perfection in design and strength in threads.

But when it comes to buying a sewing machine people are much confused in which one to buy but there is a very common question in these bunks of the question, and that is what the difference between a sewing machine and serger is?

So here we are to clear you this confusion. Throughout the article, we will try our best to describe their differences and their pros so that you can have the best one for yourself according to taste and requirement.

Sewing Machine vs Serger

Sewing machine Serger
1 needle 4 needles
1 bobbin 4 bobbins
Speed is controlled manually Speed is controlled automatically
Consume more time Consume less time
Sew less Sew more
Design can be easily changed Change in design is difficult

How do sewing machine vs serger sew?

The main difference between the serger and a sewing machine is of needles and bobbins. Sew machine is usually used in homes where ladies want to design their dresses.

But serger is mainly used in industries where loads of cloth is meant to be stitched at the same time because serger is more efficient than a sewing machine as it saves your time.

 A serger is also sometimes called an overlock machine. It gives a perfect sew to your cloth with four threads combination

We will discuss in detail about their features and how they are different concerning sewing.

The usage of sewing machine:

A sewing machine has the following features:

  • Efficiency

A sewing machine takes more time and sews less. As it has only one needle and single bobbin, so it consumes more time in sewing a piece of cloth

  • Needles and Bobbins

A sewing machine uses only one needle to sew. Some computerized machine also provides you the facility to sew with double-needle but mainly it avails single needle usage. In the same way, it has a single bobbin for the single needle.

  • Quality and speed

The speed of the sewing machine is controlled manually. In computerized machines, it is automatically controlled to some extent. The quality of sewing is strong, but as it is single thread sewing, so there are chances of loose stitched quality.

The usage of serger

A serger has the following features:

  • Needles and bobbins

As serger is specially designed for industrial use, so it has four needles and in the same way, four or more than four bobbins to provide a thread to the needles.

  • Bulk production

A serger can produce the bulk of cloths in industries and also in houses. It gives you the fine stitching of cloths, and it can stitch more cloth than a sewing machine.

  • Amendments

Say for example if you want to change the design in last moment, and you have put your cloth under the needles of serger than you are not able to change the design. It will not allow you to make changes at the last moment when it is already working, and you try to make any changes can ruin your effort.

  • Time-consuming

A serger will provide you more stitching in less time because it works more efficiently and saves your time.

The verdict

Both machines have their pros and cons, but the more efficient one is serger. You may find some difficulties in the beginning while using it, but once you learn how to use, you are ready to discover the world of sewing. Moreover, it will save your time and money and give you more fine stitched cloth

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