Long Arm Quilting Machine Comparison Chart

Long Arm Quilting Machine Comparison Chart

Whether you have just started or quilted for a long time, it may be a pleasant way to pass the time. The drawback is that doing it by hand or with a regular sewing machine takes long, especially for larger projects.

This procedure may be made much easier and quicker with the most delicate long arm quilting machine. They’re available in little sit-down and wider frame-based varieties, so no matter what your next quilting project requires.

You’ll be able to find the appropriate one for you. There are a few functions that you should check out while searching for a new longarm quilting machine to make sure you receive what you need.

We spent numerous hours exploring the manufacturer’s website, checking out all of the product features, and reading hundreds of customer reviews to help you figure out which model is the ideal long arm quilting machine for your projects.

We picked the best four models and prepared a table of comparisons.

Best Long Arm Quilting Machine Comparison Chart

When you realize how many machines are available, it might be challenging to pick the most delicate long arm quilting machine. Only the top-rated long arm quilting machines compare in the comparison chart.

Their kind, stitches per minute, throat size, weight, and warranty are all represented. For additional information, scroll down and read the entire review before you decide.

Best Long Arm Quilting Machines Type Stitches Per Min Throat Size Weight Warranty
Juki TL-2200QVP-S Computerized 2200 18” 150 lbs 5-years
Grace Q’nique Long Arm Computerized 1800 9” 66.14 lbs 5-years
Singer 8500Q Long Arm Computerized 600 8.25” 37.6 lbs 25-years
King Quilter II Computerized 2200 18” Not specified 10-years

Juki Tl2200QVP-S Sit-Down

The Juki TL-2200QVP-S Sit Down Long Arm Sewing Machine is a solid combination of contemporary and traditional technologies. Juki utilizes their tried and tested processes to build a high-duty sewer that offers long-term quality work, featuring recognized characteristics to improve efficiency and control.

The automated thread trimmer and auxiliary handwheel are two of these features, both of which are classic components that coexist with the contemporary LCD screen. The crucial working area of this long arm sewing machine is 18 inches long and 10 inches high, but both of those dimensions can extend.

An automatic under-bed thread trimmer has extra comfort and is control by the foot pedal. It makes mid-project management highly straightforward to users. While this machine has a vintage appearance, the LCD touchscreen control panel can be used to update it.

The sewing machine parameters, such as desired needle position, foot pedal control, and screen brightness, may all be controlled from the panel. The touch panel also allows you to adjust your speed and schedule your favorite setting to save you time on set-up.

Grace Q’nique Long Arm

Grace’s Q’nique is an inexpensive computerized longarm quilting machine that beats several more costly machines in terms of output. A 2.5-inch full-color display screen not only displays the stitching settings and stitching mode.

The screen can change to the most comfortable position for your wrist and eye contact. The regulations can calculate the manual speed change and adapt it to your movement. The machine can, therefore, always produce accurate and consistent stitches.

The handwheel does not have to be adjusted to place the needle; the machine provides an extra pusher. Hold down the button long to establish the needle stopping point so that each time you stop, you reach the same place.

With the help of an LCD, each handle includes three soft-touch controls that control quilting functions. The large M class bobbin is ideal for lengthier quilting projects and eliminates the need to change the bobbin constantly. A motorized bobbin winder is provided, allowing users to wind bobbins without having to run the machine.

Singer 8500Q Long Arm Quilter Machine

The Singer 8500Q computerized longarm quilting machine has an extra-wide surface and a choice of over two hundred points for stitching projects. It is a modern machine with a visibly robust, high-speed framework.

The 8500Q Singer Modern Quilter has numerous features that simplify life for the starting sewer or quilter and impress expert craftsmen. Singers SwiftSmart Threading System, an automated needle threader, is included in this machine for sewing and embroidery.

Compared to most other sewing machines, this function makes it easy for users to fasten their needles. Users may thread the needle with a single press of the threading lever, saving time and stress. This Singer sews, and quilting machine features a larger sewing area than expected, with an extension table for a workstation space of 25 inches.

Singer’s Knee lifter solution has been innovative with this system, which allows the presser foot to raise and lowered manually. The Modern Quilter LCD screen may look tiny, but it’s essential to track stitches.

King Quilter II Long Arm Quilting Machine

It is a vintage version of King Quilter’s long-arm quilting machine. The digital controlled computer machine can collect 2200 Spm at a low price, with accurate stitching results. The dependable and pro-longed quilting machine is manufactured in the United States and comes with electrical abilities.

The advanced quilter provides comfort and eases with user-friendly features to a different level. The control panels are fitted with handy control buttons to facilitate access and use your thumb to perform up/down functions.

With the mounting, preciseness, and cruise setting, the remarkable 2200 stitching speed may function great. The 7” color touchscreen is a standard tool so that you can easily control the entire quilting process.

The elite equipment comes with front and rear handles with button choices. It has shown that the controls are more adaptable, helping to operate both sides of the stitching process. While 18 cm of throat space with lights is spacious in the needle region, an extra 10ft or 12ft frame may increase convenience.

You may also go to this tutorial for further information.


The most delicate long arm quilting machine may make the process much more pleasant and save you time if you’re trying to quilt or have done this for years already. However, all five of the machines we have examined are great options.

The Juki TL-2000Qi is our top choice because of its robust steel construction. It also has outstanding knee lift, automatic thread with needles, and thread stress management features. Furthermore, this machine is relatively easy to operate.

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