Juki f600 vs Janome 6600 – Complete Comparison Details

Many people have been asking us about the clear comparison of juki f600 vs janome 6600 sewing machines. So, to clear out their doubts and confusion, we have finally collected all the important factors of both sewing machines, which makes them a little bit different from each other.

However, as you can see that both sewing machines actually come with the jammed packed along with several various built-in features, and of course, both machines are specially designed for quilting, making a garment, home décor and as well as, many other projects.

we also mention the similar features of both machines right in the below chart…

Comparison Chart


Juki f600

Janome 6600

Buttonhole styles 16
Monogramming fonts 4 2
LCD display Yes Yes
Large wide work area Yes Yes
Stitching modes 4 3
Built-in stitches 225 sewing stitches 99 sewing stitches
Free motion Yes Yes
Start/stop button Yes Yes
Drop-in bobbin Yes Yes
Thread cutters Yes Yes
Knee lift Yes Yes
Warranty 25 years of the limited warranty 25 years of the limited warranty
Weight (pounds) 33.4 pounds 40 pounds

Juki f600 vs Janome 6600

Although, both machines can provide you with easiness to further handle soft chiffons and such fabrics like silk as well, contain, of course, they both contains some little bit of difference which we are going to show you below:

Major Differences

The Major Differences Of Both Juki f600 vs Janome 6600 Features

So, here we are showing the major features of both machines which are actually different from each other, and that’s how both machines seem to be a little bit of different. Furthermore, only few features are different, whereas other several features are exactly similar to each other.


Let’s start with the built-in technology of both machines. The Juki f600 built with the advanced and superior “box feed technology,” that will help you to experience a quality of stitching on several fabric styles.

Although the Janome 6600 built with the layered fabric feeding system, whereas this system actually ensures all fabrics works and further move smoothly. However, even the thick material can also pass through easily.


Thus, juki f600 contains the process of Dual LED lights system, which gives you a solid reason to work perfectly and with more focus, even at the time of dark nights. Whereas, the janome 6600 comes with one single LED light system.

So, in that case, we give our point to juki f600 for providing us more helping and powerful features.


However, both machines offering you their own specific working modes that actually make them different from each other. In this juki f600 vs janome 6600 comparison, the Janome offers you with its three modes that would actually very helpful in a manner to further break down the stitches.

Although in mode one, you will find the basic stitches, mode two would be the quilting and patchwork stitches, and mode three is for utility and decorative stitches.

Thus, Juki f600 offers you with four modes, mode one would be direct pattern (similar to the janome 6600 mode one), mode two is for numerical model by which users can enter the direct stitch mode number easily, mode three is “ABC” monogramming mode for easy stitching, and mode four is “one point” mode.

Editor Comment

Editor Comment

Well, at last, according to the juki f600 vs janome 6600 comparison, both machines are way too perfect in performance and overall durability. However, if you are a beginner, then go ahead with the choice of juki f600.

Whereas, the janome 6600 is the perfect choice for intermediate and professional level users. So, choose the best one according to your needs, and of course, 

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