Janome dc2014 computerized sewing machine reviews 2021

Are you in search of a sewing machine that gives you the best of both worlds? Stress no more. The Janome dc2014 computerized sewing machine is everything you deserve.

Introduction of Janome DC2014

It contains over 50 fitted stitches and 3 buttonhole styles. Each feature that comes with this machine is packed with greatness and perfection. However, some might object the number of stitching patterns available in the Janome DC2014, but once you try sewing with this machine, you won’t regret a second of it.

There is a variety of some very useful features fitted in this sewing machine, and each feature contains many benefits. The very prominent features include the easy reverse stitch, speed control slider, and the auto-lock feature.

janome dc2014 reviews

The amount of quality and workability provided by this machine is only expected to form a high-end sewing machine. With the Janome DC2014, sewing will be not only fun but also creative. You will gain tons of confidence by sewing with this machine.

You have probably read a lot of Janome dc2014 reviews, but not every review provides you every bit detail you deserve to know about your desired machine. However, that is not the case with this review. You will be guided about the construction, working, features, accessories, and advantages and disadvantages of this machine.

When it comes to the size of this machine, then the Janome DC2014 weights about 27.1 pounds, which is equal to a normal-sized dog.

So, it is important to find a perfect spot to place your machine in. The Janome dc2014 price is lower than $500, which is reasonable. However, when we consider the Janome dc2014 vs. dc 2015, then there isn’t much difference between these two machines. The same sewing machine company manufactures both, and both are pretty much of the same price. But, the DC2015 contains more features than the DC2014. Other than that, there is no point in not buying this perfectly built sewing machine.


Construction of the DC2014

The Janome DC2014 is constructed to be very efficient and sturdy. The machine contains a white body packed with several little purple patches to draw your attention. With the different types of stitching options, one can easily be attracted.

The best part about this machine is that all of its options are positioned right in the middle. Not only does this make it a greatly operational machine, but also easy to use.

However, there might be a single drawback related to the stitch selecting machine, but everything displayed on the screen is clear and bright. It is very easy to understand the selecting procedure as well.

The machine weighs about 27.1 pounds, which can be a little heavy but it’s worth it. Once you start sewing with this machine, you will never stop because it’s awesome. It is built with classic tech, and wherever you decide to keep the machine, it will remain as sturdy as it was the moment you got it.

Working Principle

Working of the Janome DC2014

For all the beginners who want to understand the working of the Janome DC2014, then it’s nothing complicated. It offers you the best sewing experience you have ever received.

With the superior feed system, you can count on this machine to provide you with perfect stitching exactly the way you like it.

Also, the machine is very easy to use. The easy usage stitch selector, auto needle threader, and with a series of other useful features and accessories present in the machine, there is no chance for you to be disappointed. It is a very versatile machine, and you get to have proper control over your sewing with the speed control slider.

Another amazing part about this machine is that it never jams. This means that whatever sewing you are performing, there are never any chances of the machine getting jammed.

Amazing Features

Amazing Features of the DC2014

The Janome DC2014 is thrilled with various useful and complementary features. Following are its main key features explained:

  • 50 Fitted Stitches

The Janome Dc2014 contains 5 different types of stitching options, plus it is very easy to understand each stitch design’s purpose because everything is explained on the exterior of the machine. Also, with the easy operation stitch selector, you can get to know these different types of stitches as well.

Most of these stitches offer great help to the beginners, and some of them give surety of handling big projects.

  • Automatic Declutch Bobbin Winder

It is very easy to turn the bobbin, but only if you follow the Janome dc2014 manual. When it comes to setting the thread and winding the bobbin, it is highly recommended to follow the instructions prescribed. The machine comes with a separate guide for winding the bobbin, which makes its purpose easier to understand. Once you get your hands on it, you won’t need to check the instructions every time you want to turn the bobbin.

  • Free arm and Drop feed functions

For those of you who demand free motion quilting and sewing, the easy free arm and drop feed functions will surprise you. The free arm is perfect for those who prefer the best kind of garment sewing, especially when it comes to darning and sleeves.

When it comes to powering the drop feed, all you have to do is press the right lever, and your feed dogs will be lowered automatically. If you push the lever in the left direction, then this will cause them to rise.

  • Size adjustment and speed control slider

If you feel less welcomed towards this sewing machine, and you want some more control with your stitching, then this feature will be of big help to you. In front of the DC2014, there is a speed control slider option.

The speed slider works in a very efficient manner, and it doesn’t just provide a couple of speed modes, but it operates with satisfaction. With that being said, you can easily optimize your speed according to your requirements.

With the help of the LCD screen, you can be able to control the length and width of different patterns of sewing easily. This feature has proved to be very helpful with all the others.

  • Automatic Needle threader

The Janome DC2014 automatic needle threader option is the best one. There is no need to suffer while meeting the thread with the needle. In just four easy steps, you can be able to get the thread into the needle successfully and automatically.

However, this feature only works well with needles that are between 11 and 16. So, if you tend to use another size, you will have to thread the needle the traditional way. For threading the needle automatically, proper instructions are mentioned in the manual. Follow the manual for thorough guidance.

  • Feed System and 7-speed dogs

With the fed system, there will not be any chances of left out stitching in your project. The feed system is considered to be a very useful feature, and it enhances stitching as well.

  • Auto-lock, Up/Down needle, and reverse stitch options

The very common and useful features in every sewing machine are the auto-lock, reverse stitch options, and up/down needle positioning. You are just the push of a button away from controlling the positioning of the needle.

The auto-lock feature benefits you when you select the stitching patterns. It makes sure that your pattern is stopped and locked automatically.

Plus, loads of thanks to the reverse stitch button, you can be able to stitch backward.



The Janome DC2014 contains very purposeful accessories, and each accessory has its benefits. Following are the Janome dc2014 accessories:

  • Janome dc2014 manual
  • Janome dc2014 extension table
  • Automatic Buttonhole foot
  • Extra high presser foot lifting
  • Overedge foot
  • Blind hem foot
  • ¼ inch seam foot
  • Specialized bobbin
  • Quilting guide
  • Zipper foot
  • Auto declutch bobbin
  • Satin stitch foot
  • Convertible even feed foot
  • Zipper foot
  • Purple tote bag
  • 2 packs of Janome Bobbins

Pros & Cons 


  • Durable
  • 25 years of the limited warranty
  • Offers free motion quilting and sewing
  • Easy to use
  • Gives creativity freedom
  • Stitching patterns
  • Quality
  • Consistency


  • Less mobile
  • Expensive
  • No auto thread cutter available

Buyers Guide

Buyer’s Guide

Buying a sewing machine comes with a lot of benefits. The major benefit is that you can sew whenever you want. However, purchasing a sewing machine is not like any other purchase; you need to consider a lot of aspects before you buy one.

The machine you buy has to be up-to-date, and it must obey all your sewing requirements. A machine that can satisfy all of your needs is the Janome DC2014 This machine comes with plenty of useful features and accessories that every sawist deserves.

Despite its wonderful benefits, some people struggle to understand this machine but, no worries. There are many tutorials on the internet that guide you with the working and usage of many objects, and even sewing machines.

To help you, the following is a link which will help you understand the usage of the Janome DC2014:

It is a worthy purchase, and it will satisfy all of your sewing requirements


If you want a sewing machine that fits all of your sewing requirements, then the Janome DC2014 is perfect for that scenario. Not only is this machine built with many amazing features, but it is also ideal for the sewing fanatics.

With various useful fitted stitches, an auto thread system, and a 3-step buttonhole style feature, there are no chances of screwing up. It is also available at a very reasonable price. It is guaranteed that you will not find a machine with such great features as this one.

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