Different Types of Sewing Needles

Different Types of Sewing Needles

If you are a daily sewing machine user, then you must know the importance of a needle while using a sewing machine or stitching the cloths. Experts say that no matter how much expensive or good quality sewing machine you have if you don’t have the perfect needle to fix in the machine your sewing machine is of no use.
If it is so than a sewing machine, the user should have the proper knowledge about the needles. Because these tiny needles could make your stitching best or worse. Most of the beginners don’t even know that there are different types of needles in the market. These different types of needles are used according to the type of cloth that you are going to stitch.

The type of the needles is determined by the size of the needle, and the size depends on the thickness of the thread that you are going to be used in stitching.

Let’s not get confused in these types of needles. For this very reason, we are here. Through this article, we will tell you about the different types of needles and their usage.

Different Types of Sewing Needles

Universal needles

Jersey needles

Stretch needles

Slightly rounded tip Medium ballpoint tip Ballpoint tip
Used on woven and sturdy knits Used on knit fibers Stretchy and elastic fabric
  Special eye and scarf design

How do needles work?

To understand how needle sews firstly, you should know about the different parts of the sewing machine needle.

The part which has the flat side to the back and which fits into your machine is called a shank. The blade tells you the size of the needle the point also called as tip tells you about the size of the needle. The scarf holds the thread smoothly under the needle on the platform.

Types of the needles

There are three main types of needles.

  • Universal needles

This needle is used generally. It has a slightly round tip. They are basically used on woven cloths and sturdy knits

  • Jersey needles

It has a tip like a ballpoint which is specially designed for the knit fabrics. It is ideal for knit fabrics because it slips between the knit fibers, so in that case, it does not damage or break the fabric while sewing them.

  • Stretch needles

These needles are often get confused with the jersey needles because they also have a medium tip which looks like a ballpoint. As they are specially designed for the elastic and stretchy fabric, so they have a different type of scarf and eye

  • Needle sizing

When it comes to the size of the needles, there is two sizing systems: American and European. American needle sizes range from 8 to 19, and European needle sizes range from 60 to 120. It is important to note that the size of the needle tells about the blade of the needle.

Some packaging of the needles mentions both numbers. The needle that is used for home sewing machine has a different number that shows that this a home sewing machine needle, not the industrial one.

The verdict

Choose the size and the type of the needle wisely before going on your project and remember to have a new needle for every new project because the average life span of a needle is 7 to 8 hours. As it is the cheapest part of the sewing machine so you can avail yourself a whole set of sewing machine needles easily.

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