Computerized Sewing Machine vs Electronic

Computerize Sewing Machine vs Electronic

When it comes to the discussion of Computerized vs. Electronic sewing machines, both categories are very different. It wouldn’t be fair to call sewing as an easy task; it takes a lot of practice to get your hands straight at sewing.
If there is technology in any device, we consider it as a time-saver. Just like that, computerized sewing machines are built with modern technology, and they offer easy features to the sewists. Whereas, electronic sewing machines are tough to deal with.

They offer a pedal that needs pressure. You can only sew if you have your foot on the pedal. It is important for you to know that electronic sewing machines came before computerized machines.
Have a look at the comparison table to get a clear view of which machine you should go for.

Computerize Sewing Machine vs. Electronic

Computerized Sewing Machines

Electronic Sewing Machines

Automatic Features Manual Features
Works without a foot pedal Requires a foot pedal
Expensive Cheap
Time-saving Time-consuming
Easy stitching Tough to work with

Here is why Computerized Sewing Machines are better

Let’s take a look at some features that both of these machines have and have not.

  • A variety of Stitching Options

Working with computerized sewing machines is all about features. A computerized machine is packed with great features, and the most prominent of them all is the stitching styles. These styles are already saved in the machine. You just have to pick the style you want on your garment and start working on it.

On the other hand, electronic machines do not offer many features. The stitching options available in an electronic sewing machine are almost none. Electronic machines only offer simple sewing features.

  • Saving Patterns

Computerized machines can also be considered as hard drives. All computerized machines contain a memory card that allows the users to save as many patterns as they can. You can view the patterns anytime you feel like sewing them.

Electronic sewing machines cannot save patterns. In fact, the construction of an electronic sewing machine is kind of boring, and you only get to sew the patterns that you know manually.

  • Connection with Computer

Just by the name, we can predict that computerized sewing machines have a link with the computer. Working with electronic machines involves a pen and paper, but with computerized machines, all you need is a screen. You can connect these machines with a laptop or a desktop computer to display the designs you wish to sew. You are also allowed to download some patterns or designs from the internet and transfer them to your machine.

Electronic machines do not work that way. They do not have a port for connecting devices; you have to draw the designs yourself on a paper.

  • Easy Sewing

The very best benefit of using computerized sewing machines is that it offers easy sewing. You are provided with automatic features that do the work for you. But, working with an electronic sewing machine comes with a lot of hard work. Not only do you have to perform everything yourself, but the sewing process gets tougher each time you move onto a new pattern.

Final Thoughts

The answer to your question is very clear now. A computerized sewing machine is easy to use and offers a lot of automated features. An electronic sewing machine is hard to work with, and it does not offer any time-saving features.

So, it is best to go for a computerized sewing machine.

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