Brother xr9550prw computerized sewing machine reviews 2021

Are you aware of the aspects to consider when purchasing a sewing machine? Considering the brand is very important, as well as its quality and performance.

Introduction of Brother Xr9550

For all the beginners and newbies, Brother XR9550PRW is perfect. Some of the key characteristics that make this machine so useable are the large stitch options, width and length adjustment controls, and the lime green motif. It is comfortable machinery to handle on a low budget.

Searching for a sewing machine that fancies pig projects, the brother xr9550prw computerized sewing machine is a masterpiece in disguise. The manufacturing of the brother xr9550PRW is grouped with the Project Runway, to offer runway-suitable clothing.

What’s the use of buying a sewing machine that no one excites about? The Brother xr9550 created a lot of hype and rumors about it being “limited edition” got spread, but they were just rumors. This computerized sewing machine does not just provide quality; it is simple to use and affordable as well.

Having 100 different fitted stitches can be found in every machine, but not all provide results. The brother XR9550 provides heirloom and decorative stitches to create beautiful and unique designs that cooperate with the standards of Project Runway.

brother computerized sewing machine xr9550prw project runway limited edition

Other than being used for important projects, this machine is also useful for creating small embroidery projects such as home decoration pieces. For it being computerized, it comes with a big back-lit LCD that makes stitch selecting easier.

It is no use to argue on the number of benefits one can get from the Brother xr9550PRW; it is best for every level of sewing. It can be termed as the easiest “experiment machine” for most beginners to figure out their creative talents.

The most attractive part about this machine is its auto features. This brother xr9550prw reviews all of its principles, construction, working, features, accessories, and its pros and cons.

While we’re on “quality and performance brands,” Brother is best known for its amazing sewing machine for quite some time now.

XR9550prw vs CS6000i

However, when it comes to the brother xr9550prw vs. cs6000i, both have some differences, but both of them seem to balance out the performance. The only difference between these two is their costs. The xr9550prw is a little expensive than the cs6000i. In conclusion, it’s a tie! Any sewing machine one chooses on his/her demands.

There are several different specifications allotted to this machine. The following are the brother xr9550prw specifications.

  • Bobbin: Perfectly timed drop-in bobbin control.
  • Stitches: 118 buttonholes
  • Technology: Computerized
  • Warranty: 1 year on the labor, accessories, and parts. 2 years on the printed circuits and the electric parts. 25 years on framework casting.
  • Weight:6 pounds.
  • Speed: Extremely Adjustable

Other than that, the machine has a beautiful design and not to mention, “limited edition” grouped the project runway. Project Runway offers over-the-top fashion, but somehow, with the brother xr9550, their standards are preserved and enhanced with sleek quality stitching.


Construction of Xr9550PRW

The Brother xr9550 is constructed perfectly to provide its users with comfort sewing. Its computerized controls are responsible for helping you sew with accuracy. With the long straight stitch, the users can be able to create quality fabrics with not much effort required. The machine has been tested for any mechanical faults and has not perceived any.

On the other hand, one fault related to the thread tension causes problems with some fabrics. There are a lot of sewing machines that do not function on hardcore fabrics such as corduroy or denim, but the xr9550 can stitch fine quality on these fabrics as well.

Compared to the former brother machine, the xr9550prw contains great constructive capabilities. The very attractive and most preferred constructive component of the machine is the zigzag stitch. A lot of the test runs of this machine are known to be better than the last brother sewing machine invented.

On the other hand, knowing about the setup and construction of the machine, check out the brother xr9550prw manual to get better and reliable information on the product. After all, the manual is made by the manufactures, so there is no doubting the content.

XR9550prw vs HC1850

A lot of hype about xr9550prw vs. hc1850 has been created due to the construction properties of these two. The HC1850 has very different features, sewing, and quilting properties. It comes with a lot of useful accessories and has a 25-year warranty.

On the other hand, the xr9550prw is wide and made for essential monogramming. But, the voltage acceptance property of the xr9550prw is different; it cannot be used in countries that do not offer 120V even when a voltage adapter is being used. 

It comes with a limited number of accessories that are stored in the arm of the sewing machine. Both of these machines are of the same price but do provide different features.

Working Principle

Working Principle of the xr9550

The brother computerized sewing machine has a simple way of working; it is very easy to work with. The machine has no complicated features. It contains the standard Brother features, but more enhanced and easier to handle.

Creating your designs at home has never been easier since the brother xr9550prw came along. Sure, the name includes “Project Runway,” but the machine is still efficient in providing satisfying results in all sewing categories.

The walking foot for brother xr9550prw is also very easy to work with; it keeps the fabric between the upper level of the presser foot and the lower level of the machine. A great amount of control over your sewing is provided with the walking foot.

If you are still not sure about the working principles of the machine, then do not hesitate at all. The brother xr9550 instructions manual is very helpful in that case. Most of your doubts will go away if you just read or watch the instructions manual or DVD. Everything about the machine is listed on the manual and DVD, which come with the machine.

Amazing Features

Amazing Features

The brother xr9550prw is equipped with a lot of good looking features. Each of the offered features is discussed below:

  • Fitted 100 Stitches

The brother xr9550prw contains 100 fitted stitches, and each stitch is used for different decorative patterns. This is the very first and important feature of the machine that promotes quality stitching. Other than project runway clothing, other sew-able cloths can also be sewed with this machine. These 100 stitches can help one create a different kind of designs on any fabric. The machine also comes with a flip-stitch option.

  • LCD View

The back-lit LCD provides a complete view of the stitching being performed on the surface of the fabric. This is very helpful for the user. He/she can fix the mistakes while sewing, instead of going back to the start.

  • 8 Buttonhole styles

With your sewing tactics, you can choose between the 8 unique buttonholes to enhance your stitching. Each one of the buttonholes provides a different sense of attraction to the sewing. The best part about the machine is that it is a one-level operation. Each button is auto-sized and easy to work with. With this stitching process, you will receive perfect buttonhole types.

  • Free Arm

The free arm is available for sewing sleeves and cuffs. This feature is very helpful for sewing perfect sleeves and cuffs. The free arm provides grip to the sewing.

  • Needle Threader and Bobbin Winder

The machine is packed with an auto needle threading system. A level is used by the needle threading, which pushes the one that is connected. The automatic system will provide force to the thread to match the needle with perfection. On the other hand, the bobbin winding system is also a great feature of the machine. The user is provided with a quick drop bobbin feature. It is not just automatic but very friendly to use. There is a jam resistor attached to the drop-in system, which promotes quick and smooth sewing.

  • 55 Mixed Stitches

The brother xr9550prw is packed with wonderful mixed stitches. They are 55 in number. This feature is useful for either lettering or just monogramming. It depends on you.

  • 8 Kinds of Sewing Feet

The machine contains 8 different kinds of sewing feet for the user. The number of sewing feet can benefit you’re every sewing level. The types of feet are; button sewing, blind stitch, buttonhole, zipper, overcasting, monogramming, zigzag, and quilting. The benefits of this machine are just countless.



The brother xr9550prw is packed with a lot of interesting accessories. Each of these accessories plays an important role in providing ease with sewing. The accessories are as follows:

  • A seam ripper
  • Operation Manual
  • Extra spool pin
  • 4 bobbins
  • Wide Table
  • Accessory pouch
  • Cleaning brush
  • Screwdriver
  • Hard Case
  • Needle Set
  • Twin Needle
  • Ballpoint
  • Eyelet punch
  • 3 Spool caps
  • Power Cord

Pros & Cons 


  • Easy bobbin winding
  • Computerized machine
  • Different 100 fitted stitches
  • LED view
  • Bobbin drop-in and jam-resistant
  • Flip stitch manual
  • 140 stitching functions
  • Easy needle threading
  • Wide table
  • Portable and lightweight
  • Hardcover
  • Free Arm
  • Alphanumeric stitches options


  • Not strong for some users
  • Speed control is tricky
  • Difficult to manage the bobbin

Buyers Guide

Buyer’s Guide

Buying a sewing machine is never easy. There are a lot of options to buy, but how can one be sure if a particular machine is good to use? There is one machine that can solve all of your problems.

It is the brother computerized sewing machine xr9550prw project runway limited edition. This sewing machine has so many great built-in features that it is hard to say no to it. Considering its features, accessories, and benefits, the machine is very affordable.

It is no doubt, a great purchase. However, the performance of the machine might not appeal to everyone because everyone has different requirements. The brother xr9550prw provides a lot of easy ways for the creative sewers to enhance their sewing.

How To Use XR9559PRW

Brother Computerized XR9550PRW Tutorial


Brother has gained a lot of reputation over the years for providing quality sewing machines. The XR9550PRW is truly the best sewing machine invented for the sewers. It is no doubt a great purchase and best for every beginner who wants to expand his/her experience.

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