Brother xr9500prw vs brother cs6000i- Major Comparison Details

Well, we actually noticed three main figures inside of these both brother xr9500prw vs brother cs6000i comparison where the main items would be the number of built-in sewing stitches, their buttonhole styles, and whether they both contain any lettering fonts or not.

So, here we will give you a quick comparison of both sewing machines, of course, performance and reliability are equal inside both of them, that’s why we actually find a little bit of difficulty to reveal their major factors which makes them different from each other.

Comparison Chart

Features Brother xr9500prw Brother cs6000i
Lighting LED Dual LED
Built-in stitches 100 60
Table Yes Yes
Buttonhole styles 8 7
Lettering fonts 1 0
Stitch width (mm) 7 7
Stitch length (mm) 5 5
Drop feed/free motion Yes Yes
Start/stop button Yes Yes
Quick-set bobbin Yes Yes
Built-in quilting stitches Yes Yes
Accessory storage Yes Yes
Zipper foot Yes Yes
Monogramming foot Yes Yes
Twin needle Yes Yes
Screwdriver Yes Yes
Spool pin Yes Yes
Weight (lbs) 9.92 pounds 13 pounds
Voltage 110 110
Warranty 25 years of the limited warranty 25 years of the limited warranty

Brother xr9500prw vs cs6000i

Now, let’s check out the comparison below of brother xr9500prw vs brother cs6000i and point some new revealing features…



Brother xr9500prw vs brother cs6000i – Features Differences

As we all know that both machines have similarities, whereas just a few differences can make them different from each other. Both machines may provide you with a lot more satisfaction and purity to perform your DIYs perfectly without any issue. Although, we differentiate the comparison of both brother xr9500prw vs brother cs6000i along with their features below:


So, here comes the fact that these two machines offer you better built-in sewing stitches, but of course, one is far better than the other one. Though brother xr9500prw offers you 100 built-in sewing stitches, that would be one of the best benefits ever for you. Thus, cs6000i gives you built-in stitches of 60 in total.

Now, this factor defines that the xr9500prw is better than cs6000i.


Xr9500prw offers you with LED lighting feature, whereas the cs6000i offers you with its Dual LED feature, so in that case, cs6000i considered to be the winner in that feature.


Xr9500prw is lighter in weight as compared to the cs6000i. Though, xr9500prw comes with a weight of around 9.92 pounds, and as well as, the cs6000i comes with a weight of around 13 pounds.

So, if you are more concerning the lightweight machine, then you can see both weighing quality here.


Lettering fonts can make your decorations easier and more comfortable. However, xr9500prw offer you with 1 lettering fonts, whereas, cs6000i offering you with 0 lettering fonts. Now the choice is yours.


However, the xr9500prw contains the total number of bobbins is 4, whereas, the cs6000i contains the bobbins number of 3 in a total. So, once again, xr9500prw wins the battle of comparison here in the feature.

Well, these are some features which are different from each other, although the other features of both brother xr9500prw vs brother cs6000i machines are similar to each other.

Editor Comment

Editor Comment

So, in the end, definitely, brother xr9500prw gets the winning title here because of some extraordinary features which are built-in inside the machine as compared to the other one.

However, if you are a beginner in the sewing machine activity, then we suggest you choose the cs6000i as it is very compact in size and give you the perfect reliability. Otherwise, xr9500prw would be good for intermediate to professional levels.

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