Brother 60 Stitch CS6000i Computerized Sewing Machine Reviews 2021

If you are looking for a sewing machine that is not difficult to work with and has modern functions, then the Brother 60 stitch CS6000i is best for you, because it is a portable quilting and sewing machine, and it provides many sewing and quilting benefits at a very reasonable price.

Introduction of 60 Stitch CS6000i:

As mentioned in the name, the CS6000i contains 60 fitted sewing features, which include decorative features and 7 different techniques for button styling.

Your days of sitting in one place and taking hours to sew are over, all thanks to the brother computerized sewing machine, it contains 9 presser feetovercasting, zipper, button fitting, spring action quilting foot, buttonhole, monogramming, blindstitch, overcasting, zigzag, and walking.

brother cs6000i computerized sewing machine reviews

You must be tired of reading the same brother cs6000i computerized sewing machine reviews related to the brother 60 stitches that do not proceed with much information, but this review will surely clear your confusions. The machine also comes with a long removable table, which can be used for quilting and sewing big projects.

CS6000i Reviews Consumer Reports:

The CS6000i review consumer reports and has proved to be a very helpful machine. If you want to work with an easy-going technology, then the technology that is used in the making of the brother 60 stitch is very easy to operate. The brother CS6000i features are unique and modern. 

A person can sew and quilt easily with its advanced features such as easy thread diagrams, sewing speed manage system, and a black LCD exhibit. When you are sewing on dark fabrics, with the help of the bright light sewing portion, you can perfectly sew on the dark places of the fabric.

For those who have trouble getting the thread inside the needle, nothing like that will happen with the brother cs6000i computerized sewing machine because it is built with an automatic threaded system which aligns the thread into the needle.

The machine is also packed with a fitted free arm which provides support for sewing sleeves, pant designs, and other such cylindrical fabrics. The machine also comes with its carrying case, which you can use when taking your machine with you to wherever you like.

The best thing about the CS6000i is that it is not like other machines; it is portable and built with modern requirements. Those days are no more when we had to sit in just one place to sew and quilt; the cs6000i is here to save the day. The brother cs6000i feature-rich sewing machine to create modern clothes very easily and comfortably.

With the CS6000i, there comes an instruction manual. The manual is in both Spanish and English. However, it is suggested not to use this machine in the countries that do not have 120V AC; even a voltage adapter cannot be helpful at this stage.

Machine’s Chassis Unit Warranty:

The machine is packed with an instruction manual and a DVD, 25 years of warranty, a free consumer phone and offers online support to keep the warranty policies going.

Construction of Brother CS6000i:

The brother 60 stitch CS6000i is constructed with a Round Shaped body and reflects a retro look. However, a lot of vintage accessories and technology is now being revived, so you can say that the CS600i is a vintage-modern machine.

The body of the machine is light grey, and no such interpretations or patterns are made on the machine. But there is nothing bad about that because the body is constructed with a very modern-looking technology, and surprisingly, it makes a statement. On the other hand, some people are not satisfied with its construction, but that’s no problem.

You can easily cover the machine’s body with a plastic cover. The cover comes with the machine, and it is the best protection material for the machine. The plastic cover can save your machine from getting any scratches or other such marks.

The very attractive constructive component about the machine is that it is built with some decorative stitching techniques, but it is not a full embroidery machine.

When we talk about the weight and size of the machine, then it is not heavy at all. The machine weighs about 13 pounds. The dimensions of CS6000i are 16×6.7 x11.4 inches.

The machine also comes with a long quilting table to perform huge projects as well.  The CS6000i has a 25 years warranty scheme. 

Working Principle:

Working Principle of CS6000i:

The brother CS600i foot pedal is very easy to work with. The traditional way of pedaling has been changed with this machine. With the small pedal, the pedaling process can be made easier.

There is no need for you to move to other positions to pedal; the small pedal is with you in every position. When you want to sew different types of buttons, the brother CS6000i buttonhole feature is helpful in that case.

One can be able to sew and quilt in a very efficient manner with the CS6000i. The machine is not built for those who do regular sewing nor does sewing sometimes, but it is for those who have a sense of creativeness and like to follow different sewing rules.

You can work with the machine according to your level; you can even be able to slow it down or fast it up. It is very easy to adjust the machine according to your sewing techniques. The CS6000i works well on materials like satin, canvases, silks, knits, etc.

Can Brother CS6000i Sew Leather?

There are multiple questions arise about the brother cs6000i leather sewing; can it sew leather or no?

Yes, it can! This machine is packed with not only efficiency but also power. Do not be fooled by the CS6000i being light; it can easily handle weighty fabrics.

Amazing Features:

Amazing Features of CS6000i:

The CS600i is equipped with 60 fitted stitches, a long table, LDC view, plastic cover, an auto needle threader, a fitted free arm and 7 techniques for sewing buttonholes. You can be able to select your stitching routine with the stitch selector feature. Let’s discuss the features mentioned above in detail:

  • Fitted free arm

Whenever you want to sew cylindrical fabrics, then with the fitted free arm feature, you can comfortably sew sleeves, pant styles, etc. The free arm will offer you support while you are performing tough sewing routines.

  • The long table

When it comes to big sewing projects, you don’t have to find extra space to do it. The machine comes with a long table, which is very useful for sewing and increases your speed.

  • Auto Needle Threader

The key purpose of this amazing feature is to push your thread into the needle automatically. You don’t have to stress yourself to get the thread into the needle.

  • Adjustable sewing speed

The brother cs6000i offers comfortable speed levels for sewing. The user can control the sewing and quilting speed, and this feature provides maximum comfort.


The accessories for brother CS6000i sewing machine have created a lot of easy paths for making our sewing experience comfortable. There is no doubt, the machine comes with several benefits and is perfect for modern-day sewing, but what’s more?

It also comes with some very useful accessories. These accessories play a huge role in making our sewing procedure easier. Following are some of the items in the brother cs6000i accessory kit:

  • The brother cs6000i walking foot
  • The brother cs6000i manual for quilting
  • The brother cs6000i feet for quilting
  • The brother cs6000i presser foot pressure
  • The brother cs60009 carrying case
  • The brother CS6000i zipper foot
  • The brother CS6000i overlock stitch

Pros & Cons 


  • Long table
  • Easy to use
  • Able to sew leather
  • Has a presser foot
  • 25 years of the limited warranty
  • Lightweight and easy to carry
  • Affordable
  • Less maintenance needed
  • Made with fine technology
  • 60 fitted stitches
  • The auto needle threading system
  • Speed adjusting system


  • The thin throat of the machine
  • Unresolved needling position
  • Bobbin vomit issue

Buyer’s Guide:

Buyer’s Guide:

The most common questions that come to a buyer’s mind when purchasing a product is where and how to buy? Well, the same is the case with the CS6000i. There are many questions, such as,

Where to buy brother cs6000i?

How to oil a Brother CS6000i sewing machine?

Considering its awesome features, it should have been more expensive, but fortunately, it’s affordable. The machine provides great work and is a worthy purchase.

The old-fashioned sewing machines contained no beneficial features, but the cs6000i has everything. If you are not guided properly, you might have to go through the brother sewing machine CS6000i problems section.

However, this brother cs6000i reviews beginners who are creative and want to expand their stitching skills. If you run on a low budget, then the CS6000i is perfect for you.

With the LCD and the numerous other advanced features, your stitching experience can be taken to a brand-new level. The machine is very friendly and easy to use for beginners. The machine is packed with simple start-up buttons that make the operating even easier.

The CS6000i has gained a lot of recognition due to its very helpful features and accessories. Considering buying this machine will be the best thing that you could do. The machine is not even expensive; it is very cheap and is a total package. With its many impressive features, it is also lightweight and easy to carry.

The brother cs6000i manual e1 error is also a bit confusing, but to overcome this problem. On the other hand, it is a great sewing and quilting machine to improve your sewing skills.

It has many of the comfortable sewing features to help one enhance his/her sewing experience. The brother cs6000i monogram does not contain any decorative elements; it is very simple. The machine is a must-buy.

Brother CS6000i Tutorial

How to use my brother CS6000i? 

Watch now the video clearly understand the working of brother CS6000i.


Despite the machine being affordable and a modern machine for sewing, the brother cs6000i troubleshooting can be a problem. With that, there are also some problems being faced with adjusting the needles and the threads. The needles for brother CS600i are not perfectly made. They do not work well with the CS6000i threading system.

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