Best Sewing Machine Under $150

Best Sewing Machine under 150

So, you are on a tight budget and want to get a decent sewing machine for your daily use? Then do not worry at all. Here we are going to show you the best sewing machine under $150. Yes, just with the full budget price, these sewing machines would be the best option for you to improve your sewing skills.

Our Top Picks Sewing Machines

Computerized Sewing MachinesRatingPrice Under 150$
Heavy Duty 4423 Sewing Machine⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Brother Jx2517 Lightweight⭐⭐⭐⭐
Heavy Duty 4411 Sewing Machine⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

No matter what the fabric would be, these machines are highly constructed and give you the overall reliability to stitch anything you want with some proper new designs. Made with the heavy-duty material that makes the best sewing machine under $150 trustworthy for you.

So, let’s go to the review section below and find out the best sewing machine under $150 that will help you a lot to improve your sewing skills, and as well as, will make your wallet feel better than ever.

1) Heavy Duty 4423 Sewing Machine

Heavy Duty 4423 Sewing Machine

This is the best sewing machine under $150 for you which has made with the heavy-duty material and offer you some amazing built-in features. However, the SINGER heavy duty sewing machine also gives you 23 built-in stitches such as basic, decorative, stretch, and as well as buttonhole stitches by which you can create a variety of designs.

Although you can decorate your house or doing some various projects such as home decor, fashions, quilts, or even crafts, and much more. The machine is really a lightweight body that doesn’t need much space to be placed for. You can also get the feature of its automatic needle threader that will surely help you while effortlessly thread the needle into the machine without any eye frustration.

Made with the great speed to give you the maximum coverage and can also be done of almost 1, 100 stitches-per-minute, that means you can do your projects as fast as you want.


  • The motor will provide you with its 60% extra strength and power so that you can even perform with the thick seams as well.
  • The automatic needle threader will help you while putting the thread perfectly into the needle without giving you any kind of frustration or strain.
  • The machine has come with built-in features like 23 stitches that help you to decor your house or even do your projects easily.
  • It will make you able to stitch different kinds of designs and patterns easily to almost any fabric.
  • The lightweight body and easy to use style will simply solve out your many projects within a short time.


  • Lightweight
  • Smooth functions
  • High performance
  • Automatic needle threader


  • A little bit difficult for beginners.

2) Brother Jx2517 Lightweight

Brother Jx2517 Lightweight

Now, do your projects better than ever with the help of this mind-blowing best sewing machine under $150. The machine offers you an unlimited way of fun and designs by which you can create the best things ever to decorate your home or projects further.

However, the Brother sewing machine that offers you with its 17 Built-in Stitches, while you will also get the Automatic 4-step Buttonholer. Also, you will get the experience of high-quality performance with its 38 Stitch Functions, and of course, don’t forget to notice its Brightly Lit LED Work Area.

Furthermore, the best sewing machine which is light in weight and offers you a good space as a Free Arm for Sewing Cuffs and Sleeves. It is very easy to use, and beginners can easily adopt the functions with its Easy Automatic Bobbin Winding System.


  • The machine is very easy to use while offering you with its Blind Hem Stitch, that actually makes the stitching easier and comfortable for the beginners.
  • You will also get the bright LED-lit work area by which you can easily sew your clothes or do some fabric work conveniently at the night time as well.
  • It may also offer you with the built-in features, you will get the automatic button holder, a space for your arm and sleeves stitching, 38 stitches functions, and much more.
  • Nothing can beat the performance of the machine that allows you to draw embroidery without many efforts.


  • Good for beginners
  • Easy to use
  • Useful features
  • Automatic button holder


The bobbin thread tangles sometimes.

3) Heavy Duty 4411 Sewing Machine

Heavy Duty 4411 Sewing Machine

The Singer machine is the best sewing machine under $150 that offers you with its unique features and higher opportunity to learn better skills. The machine has actually made with the functions of 11 Built-in Stitches, whereas, you may get 6 Basic Stitches, 1 built-in button holder, 4 Decorative Stitches, that could be perfect for your daily crafts.

Easy to use and comes with the adjustable needle position option so that you adjust it accordingly among its three available positions that will also help you while adding zippers or even though, decorative touch. High quality and high-performance machine which has made with the heavy-duty material to excite your entertainment level and give you the freedom to stitch and decorate things perfectly.

This heavy-duty machine made with the metal frame will further add extra stability and durability into your performance. With its strong motor and powerful structure will make things easier and interesting for you.


  • With the help of its strong motor, you will get the high-performance work within a short time of period.
  • Made with the classic metal frame material that would provide you with great longevity.
  • Offer you with the built-in features, the machine offers you with an adjustable needle position option, 11 stitches, built-in button holder, and much more.
  • Very easy to use and lightweight body structure so that you can move it from one place to another easily.


  • Lightweight design
  • Button holder
  • Basic built-in stitches
  • Heavy-duty material


  • Not good for thick fabric.


So, here are those sewing machines which give you the best designs and different built-in functions by which you can decorate your house and even do your projects nicely.

Now, pick up the best one and share your reviews with us in our comment section below.

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