19 Top Rated Best Computerized Sewing Machines Reviews 2021

The sewing machine industry has been serving, clothing enthusiasts for as long as we can remember. A sewing machine can interpret each brand, style, and fabric.

Our Top Picks

1) Best Overall:  60 Stitch CS6000i Computerized Sewing Machine

“Automatic needle threader, Adjustable sewing speed, Automatic needle threader, Long table”

2) Best Design: Singer 7258 Stylist 100-Stitch Computerized Sewing Machine

“Variety of built-in stitches, easy to use, LED lights, Presser feet options”

3) Best Intermediate Sewing Machine: Singer Quantum Stylist 9960 Computerized Sewing Machine

“Resourceful, Large area for working, Best stitching patterns”

4) For Advanced Sewers: SE400 Computerized Embroidery and Sewing Machine

“Best for weaving and sewing, USB ports, Speed control slider”

5) Lightweight:  XR 9550 PRW Computerized Sewing Machine

“Bobbin winding, LCD view, Wide table, Alphanumeric stitching options, Lightweight and portable”

6) Rich Working Machine: xr9500prw Computerized Sewing Machine

“Rich working machine, Includes table, Manage every fabric, Works silently”

7) Budget Pick: HC1850 Computerized Sewing and Quilting Machine 

“Extra capacity, Sufficient to use, Works silently”

8) Many Accessories Loaded:  Project Runway cs5055prw Computerized Sewing Machine

“Reasonably priced, Portable and lightweight, Many accessories loaded”

9) Easy To Operate: Project Runway ce7070prw Computerized Sewing Machine

“Easy to operate, Various features, Bright LEDs, Needle plate”

10) Strong Machine: Singer 7469q confidence quilter Computerized Sewing Machine

“User-friendly, LEDs, Strong machine, Portable”

11) Bobbin Winder: Designio Series DZ2400 Computerized Sewing Machine

“Smooth to use, Bobbin Winder, Versatile”

12) Excellent Reviews: Singer ONE Vintage-Style Computerized Sewing Machine

“Offers large space for big projects, Vintage looks, Excellent reviews, Reasonably priced”

13) Best For Beginners: Janome 7330 Magnolia Computerized Sewing Machine

“Easy to use, Durable, Silent machine, Perfect for beginners”

14) Editor’s Choice: Juki HZL-F600 Quit Pro Special Computerized Sewing Machine

“Best for dedicated sewists, Sews and quilts, Extension table, Best for handling big projects”

15) Beginners: Janome DC1050 Computerized Sewing Machine

“Versatile machine, Easy to use, Needle up/down function, Presser foot lift”

16) Simple To Use: Janome DC2013 Computerized Sewing Machine

“Gives amazing outputs, Simple to use, Can sew on thick fabrics”

17) Easy Stitching Options: Janome 8200 QC Computerized Sewing Machine

“Easy stitching options, Knee lift, Huge working area”

18) Easy Needling: Janome 8077 Computerized Sewing Machine

“Easy and comfy quilting, Lots of accessories, Best feed dogs, Easy needling”

19) Easy To Use: Janome DC2014 Computerized Sewing Machine

“Consistent, Gives freedom to creativity, Easy to use, Durable”

The sewing machines being used today contain modified technologies providing efficient results for every occasion.

These days, every sewist relies on computerized sewing machines for achieving maximum perfection. 

The market is filled with many best affordable sewing machines but finding that one machine that gives you the best of both worlds is a tricky task.

Lucky for you, we have compiled a list of some of the best computerized sewing machines that are not only big money makers but also fit every sewists’ requirements. In this review, every aspect of each mentioned sewing machine will be discussed with reliable compliments.

Are Computerized Sewing Machines Better?

The answer is very simple; computerized sewing machines, of course! It is not fair to compare computerized machines with mechanical machines. It is because computerized machines do not require much effort to use some don’t even need a foot pedal to work. In computerized sewing machines, the foot pedal is replaced by a stop/start button with speed control features. So, computerized sewing machines are much better.

There are a lot of computerized sewing machine reviews on the web, but this one will guide you through every aspect of a machine and will also help you to find one that fits your needs.

10 Things You Need To Know

10 Things You Need To Know Before Buying

Either you’re a pro or a newbie; you still need to consider some aspects before you purchase any computer sewing machine.

Take a look at the to follow things:

  • First things first, for whom you are buying the machine? For you or someone else? In each case, think about how much experience you or your friend has with sewing machines.
  • Budget is the most important aspect to consider before buying – anything!
  • Search for a sewing machine that contains as many stitches options as you desire. Stitching styles like zigzag, knit or stretch stitch, straight stitching, utility stitches, buttonhole stitch, and blind hemstitching are a must-have.
  • Buy a machine that is equipped with various features such as LED lighting, needle threader, adjustable speed control, Auto thread cutter, needle down/up, needle position adjustment, and a knee lifter. Computer controlled sewing machines contain these features.
  • Look for a machine that contains feet and attachments. Sewists prefer machines with an overcast foot, a button attaching foot, zipper foot, and a buttonhole foot. Sadly, a low-cost machine does not contain all of these feet varieties.
  • After the major aspects have been identified, next is to figure out the kind of projects you will be sewing. Buy a machine that is compatible with your projects.
  • Are you going to use the machine daily or once in a while? Evaluating this question will help you narrow your choices.
  • Find a machine that makes the least noise or if you can find one that makes no noise at all, what more could you ask?
  • Perform a little research on the best sewing machine brands for more recognition.
  • Before you make a final decision, ask the dealership if you can take the machine home for a test run. This will help you determine the working of the machine and make a better decision for you.

Top 19 Best Computerized Sewing Machines 2021

If you desire to create your own tailored clothing, home accessories, or want to start your fashion line-up, you will need a sewing machine to get either of these things done. To help you make your choice, following is a list of the top 19 best computerized sewing machines of 2021.

19) Janome DC2014

Janome DC2014 Computerized Sewing Machine

The Janome DC2014 is ideal for many sewing projects such as quilting, scrapbooking, embroidery, quilting, and garment sewing. The DC2014 is equipped with various features that offer perfection in your clothing. The Janome DC2014 is built with modern technology and comes with many useful accessories. The price of this machine is very reasonable – under $500.

Features:Janome DC2014 Computerized Sewing Machine

  • Automatic Declutch Bobbin Winder
  • Speed control slider and size adjustment
  • 50 fitted stitches
  • Drop feed and free arm functions
  • Up/Down Needle, Reverse stitch functions, and Auto-Lock option
  • Auto needle threader
  • 7-speed dogs and Feed System


  • Easy to use
  • Durable
  • Quality
  • Gives freedom to creativity
  • 50 stitching patterns
  • Consistent


  • High priced
  • No automatic thread cutter


The Janome DC2014 is perfect for every sewing requirement. The features, benefits, and using operations – everything is worth your while. What’s more? This computerized sewing machine contains no complicated controls, so it is appropriate for beginners as well.

18) Janome 8077

Janome 8077 Computerized Sewing Machine

The Janome 8077 is the machine that works fine on all types of fabrics. Regardless of the fabric you use, you can still be able to quilt and sew with the Janome 8077 machine. A very attractive part of this sewing machine is that it is built from superior technology – the kind that makes everything easy. With such a stunning amount of features, the price of 8077 is a bit higher than $500.

FeaturesJanome 8077 Computerized Sewing Machine

  • LED Screen
  • Bobbin Winder
  • Buttonholes
  • Horizontal and Vertical sewing
  • 30 fitted stitches
  • Auto needle threader
  • Transparent Bobbin cover


  • Easy and comfy quilting
  • Foot Control
  • Lots of accessories
  • Speed control
  • Best feed dogs
  • Easy needling


  • No carrying case
  • No auto thread cutter
  • Not mobile
  • Less variety of decorative patterns


Considering the variety of stitching patterns and useful features, this machine is a great purchase. You can rely on the Janome 8077 for giving you a great sewing experience, packed with great sewing memories. It is possible that you won’t find a machine with such great abilities as this one.

17) Janome 8200 QC

Janome 8200 QC Computerized Sewing Machine

If you want to purchase a machine that’s worth every penny, then the Janome 8200 QC is everything you need. This sewing machine is extremely portable and can be able to perform different kind of operations. It is perfect for both quilting and sewing.

You can create computerized quilt patterns with this machine. Other than that, some other little projects can also be performed by the Janome 8200 QC.

FeaturesJanome 8200 QC Computerized Sewing Machine

  • 16 presser foot
  • LCD screen
  • AcuFeed Flex Function
  • Knee Lifter
  • LEDs for eliminating shadows


  • 170 fitted stitches
  • Easy stitching options
  • Computerized features
  • Knee lift
  • Huge working area
  • 10 buttonhole options


  • Not affordable


Other than its high price, the Janome 8200 QC is a wonderful sewing machine. This sewing machine is best for both quilters and sewists. However, it is not a good practice for beginners because it contains some complicated features which cannot be understood by a newbie.

16) Janome DC2013

Janome DC2013 Computerized Sewing Machine

The Janome dc2013 is an effortlessly unique computerized sewing machine. This machine contains all the desired features of a sewing fanatic and does not even cost much. It is not possible for one to point out any mistakes in the Janome dc2013, because it is amazing! This machine is all about performance and quality – isn’t that great?

FeaturesJanome DC2013 Computerized Sewing Machine

  • LCD Screen
  • Needle positioning options
  • Extension table
  • Buttonholes
  • 50 fitted stitches


  • Gives amazing outputs
  • Simple to use
  • Can sew on thick fabrics


  • Expensive
  • Hued needles don’t work


Other than being unreasonably priced, the Janome dc2013 works wonders. It stands up to your expectations. It is the perfect machine to bring your sewing adventures on. The only downside to this machine is that not everyone has the wallet for it.

15) Janome DC1050

Janome DC1050 Computerized Sewing Machine

The Janome DC1050 is a sturdy and confident computerized sewing machine offering you a lot of features and benefits. With the modern DC engine, it is considered one of the best sensible computerized sewing machines of 2021. It is great for a learner, plus it is reasonably priced. You don’t always get this lucky, so make a move.

FeaturesJanome DC1050 Computerized Sewing Machine

  • Automatic Needle threader
  • LCD screen
  • Quality stitches
  • Free arm and flexible stool
  • Programmable stitches


  • Versatile machine
  • Easy to use
  • Sturdy
  • Needle up/down function
  • Presser foot lift


  • LED lights are not bright enough
  • The zigzag needles are not impressive
  • For some, the machine is costly


The Janome DC1050 is one of the fewest sewing machines that were loved right after their dispatch. It is perfect for sewing, quilting, and other sewing related activities. The appearance of the machine is a little intense, but it works perfectly fine when operated.

14) Juki HZL-F600 Quit Pro Special

Juki HZL-F600 Quit Pro Special Computerized Sewing Machine

The Juki HZL- F600 offers quality stitching and contains plenty of fitted stitches and buttonhole techniques. The F600 is the solution to your every sewing problem. Juki brand is known for manufacturing quality machines, and the Juki HZL F600 is another stunning example of their cause. With a variety of features, you can create a wonderful sewing experience for yourself and your clothing.

FeaturesJuki HZL F600 Quit Pro Special Computerized Sewing Machine

  • Box Feed
  • Stitch patterns
  • Speed controls
  • Knee lifter
  • Presser’s foot
  • Automatic Needle threader
  • LED screen
  • Auto thread cutter and foot controller


  • Best for dedicated sewists
  • Versatile
  • Sews and quilts
  • Several features
  • Extension table
  • Best for handling big projects


  • Not very portable
  • Heavy
  • No USB ports
  • Makes sound while running


The Juki HZL F600 is nothing but worth your time. Its controls and features are very easy to work with. However, it is not appropriate for beginners.  For the pros, the F600 is perfect, and with the various features installed, it’s not hard to say that this machine is “the one.”

13) Janome 7330 Magnolia

Janome 7330 Magnolia Computerized Sewing Machine

The Janome 7330 Magnolia offers precision in every aspect. 7330 is all about promoting a sense of creativity in every individual. Janome is known for producing easy operative machines, and 7330 is another demonstration of that. With a variety of useful features, your sewing experience can reach to heights.

Featuresjanome magnolia 7330 reviews

  • 30 fitted stitches
  • Speed Control Slider
  • LED screen
  • Many time-saving features


  • Saves time
  • Easy to use
  • Durable
  • Silent machine
  • Perfect for beginners


  • No portability
  • Does not come with a carrying case
  • Poor quality LED lights


A lot of commentators have given praise to the Janome 7330 computerized sewing machine. It is easy to understand why this sewing machine is ideal for everyone – it saves time and is easy to use. The Janome 7330 is best for both beginners and professionals.

12) Singer One Vintage Style

Singer ONE Vintage-Style Computerized Sewing Machine

The Singer One Vintage Style computerized sewing machine is a very elegant and attractive looking machine in the entire market. The design of the One vintage is similar to other Singer models, but with a dash of vintage hues. The detailing on the machine is very observant and would look great in every sewing room or studio.

Featuressinger one vintage style computerized sewing machine

  • 24 fitted stitches
  • Presser foot sensor
  • LED lights
  • Automatic needle threader
  • Large sewing space
  • One-touch stitch selection
  • Sew and drop bobbin function


  • Reasonably priced
  • Excellent reviews
  • Vintage looks
  • Durable
  • Offers large space for big projects


  • Not suitable for professionals
  • Less variety of stitches
  • Poor resolution of LCD
  • Sewing on heavy fabrics is not pretty


For those of you who are in search of a beginner-made machine, this Singer computerized sewing machine is the one for you. The machine has decent looks and is very easy to learn. The user-friendly features will enhance one’s sewing experiences in a vintage way.

11) Brother Designio Series DZ2400

Brother Designio Series DZ2400 Computerized Sewing Machine

The Brother Designio Series DZ2400 is the computerized sewing machine that offers advanced sewing and quilting techniques for the enhancement of sewing levels. You can rely on the Brother Designio Series DZ2400 for a wonderful sewing experience. The variety of stitches and features are extraordinary and very unique.

brother dz2400 reviewsFeatures

  • Variable speed
  • Auto needle threader
  • Drop-in bobbin
  • Eight buttonhole techniques
  • LCD
  • Stop/Start button


  • Smooth to use
  • Manual
  • Bobbin Winder
  • Quality
  • Value
  • Versatile
  • Portable


  • Does not come with a carrying case
  • No USB port
  • No auto thread cutter
  • Cannot handle professional projects


The Brother DZ2400 is not like the other Brother Machine models. This machine is not supposed to rugged or over-used, because it will lose its flair easily. So, keep DZ2400 is a safe space. Despite that, it offers good stitching results.

10) Singer 7469q Confidence Quilter

Singer 7469q confidence quilter Computerized Sewing Machine

The Singer 7469q computerized sewing machine fits every sewing requirement. This machine is built with advanced technology, and it is a major stand out. It does not just offer great sewing results, but it also boosts up the confidence of a sewist. Just by a look, one can judge that this machine is a working wonder.

singer confidence quilter 7469q sewing machine reviewsFeatures

  • Extendable table
  • Different layers
  • Automatic threading system
  • 13 needle positions
  • Bobbin drop and sew system


  • User-friendly
  • Variety of built-in stitches
  • LEDs
  • Strong machine
  • Portable


  • Not available in the US and Canada
  • Speed control slider is not provided


Like all the other Singer sewing machine models, the Singer 7469q is yet another demonstration of quality and performance. It is a perfect partner for the sewists who prefer quality over quantity. This machine is also ideal for knitting – isn’t that great?

9) Brother Project Runway CE7070prw

Brother Project Runway ce7070prw Computerized Sewing Machine

The Project runway machine line is not that long, but the Brother ce7070prw is pretty much carrying the weight of everything. The ce7070prw is not just appropriate for project runway, but also some regular sewing projects. The highlights and features of this sewing machine are very commendable. The basic benefit to the Brother ce7070prw is that it comes under a reasonable price with numerous features.

brother project runway ce7070prw reviewFeatures

  • Bobbin set
  • Needle plate
  • LCD Screen
  • Bright workplace
  • Extendable table
  • Automatic needle threader


  • Easy to operate
  • Various features
  • Bright LEDs
  • Needle plate


  • Wiring is unpredictable
  • Not much reliable for projects other than Runway


It is no doubt a very flexible sewing machine, but it has its cons as well. It is very portable and does not require much space for keeping. The Runway has received many benefits from this machine, but a household sewist cannot say the same.

8) Project Runway CS5055prw

Project Runway cs5055prw Computerized Sewing Machine

Brother is best known for providing quality sewing machines at a reasonable price. Considering the Brother cs5055prw, it is the fundamental machine of easy operatives. The cs5055prw is packed with very unique and aligned features that offer maximum results. It is no doubt a very beautifully designed sewing machine for the runway enthusiasts.

brother project runway cs5055prw electric sewing machine reviewsFeatures

  • Driven light
  • Presser’s foot
  • String shaper
  • LCD
  • Vertical reel stick
  • 50 built-in stitches
  • Buttonhole styles
  • Feed hound


  • Reasonably priced
  • Works silently
  • Portable and lightweight
  • Many accessories loaded


  • Not good for heavy fabrics
  • Not a strong machine


The Brother cs5055prw is packed with many benefits. However, it does not respond well to heavy fabrics, nor it is a strong machine. Other than that, it contains many attractive features for every level of sewist. It works silently and is very portable.

7) Brother Hc1850

Brother hc1850 Computerized Sewing and Quilting Machine

The Brother hc1850 is all about accuracy and speed. This machine is suitable for those who have just stepped in the world of sewing machines. With amazing stitching features and presser feet controls, you can’t say no to the Brother hc1850. The beautiful interface will help you indulge in the sewing activities more than usual.

Brother hc1850 computerized sewing and quilting machineFeatures

  • Quilting capacity
  • Presser foot controls
  • 130 fitted stitches
  • 170 work lines


  • Extra capacity
  • Sufficient to use
  • Works silently
  • 130 fitted stitches


  • Bad technology
  • Threader does not work properly


The Brother hc1850 is a phenomenal working sewing machine with plenty of features and benefits. However, it is not made with fine and advanced technology. Some features do not offer much hype as the others. Other than that, it is great for home-based use.

6) Brother XR9500prw

Brother xr9500prw Computerized Sewing Machine

In the name of versatile sewing machines, the Brother xr9500prw is one of those sewing machines. One thing, the xr9500prw is not an all-level sewing machine; it is only good for professional-level sewing. With this sewing machine, sewing is not the only thing that is done perfectly, but embroidery as well. The xr9500prw can handle big projects with decency.

brother xr9500prw computerized sewing machine reviewsFeatures

  • Programmed buttonholes
  • 110 implicit join
  • 8 presser foot
  • Sewing speed
  • LCD screen
  • Automatic needle threader
  • Fast change curl
  • Hard case and extendable table


  • Portable
  • Rich working machine
  • Includes table
  • Can manage every fabric
  • Works silently


  • Pressure foot controls are poor
  • Not aesthetically appealing


The Brother xr9500prw is pretty much a blessing in disguise – it is reasonably priced and offers great results. This sewing machine was rewarded as the best sewing machine of 2018 by women. It is a perfect fit model and is best for professional-level sewing.

5) Brother XR9550prw

Brother Computerized XR9550PRW Computerized Sewing Machine

If you want performance and quality, then the Brother XR9550PRW is what you are looking for. Unlike other machines, the XR9550PRW is perfect for all types of sewists. The manufacturing of this machine is partnered with Project Runway for promoting beautifully designed clothing. It is no doubt a worthy purchase.

Brother xr9550prw computerized sewing machineFeatures

  • 8 Sewing feet
  • Free arm
  • 8 Buttonhole styles
  • Bobbin winder
  • Automatic Needle threader
  • 55 Stitching patterns
  • LCD view
  • 100 fitted stitches


  • Bobbin winding
  • LCD view
  • Wide table
  • Hardcover
  • Alphanumeric stitching options
  • Computerized machine
  • 100 stitching options
  • Lightweight and portable


  • Not sturdy
  • Speed control is poor
  • Hard to manage the bobbin


The Brother XR9550PRW sewing machine is an all-purpose sewing machine. With its many features, it offers quality to many users. However, the machine is not sturdy enough for most users. The speed control system is not that commendable. Despite all that, it is aesthetically appealing.

4) Brother SE400

Brother se400 Computerized Embroidery and Sewing Machine

The Brother se400 is superbly operating a computerized sewing machine. Within minutes, one can understand the controls of this sewing machine. The Brother se400 can handle major projects with pure accuracy. The highlights and features of the se400 are essential for every reliable sewing machine. Considering its numerous features, it is adequately priced. It is known to be the best automatic sewing machine.

brother se400 computerized embroidery and sewing machineFeatures

  • Lots of built-in stitches
  • Wide working area
  • Sewing feet
  • Threading system
  • Speed control slider


  • USB ports
  • Working space
  • Best for weaving and sewing
  • Speed control slider


  • Poor LCD screen quality
  • Unreliable technology


The Brother se400 is perfect for weaving and sewing. With countless sewing features, the se400 is a must-have. On the downside, the quality of the LCD screen is poor, and some might even say, the technology is poor as well. However, it suits individuals aesthetically.

3) Singer Quantum Stylist 9960

Singer Quantum Stylist 9960 Computerized Sewing Machine

If you are in search of a sewing machine that suits the modern-day requirements, the Singer Quantum 9960 is the one for you. This sewing machine is perfect for both professionals and newbies. The Singer 9960 is packed with plenty of useful and quality features that offer worthy results. Each feature of this machine is responsible for specific outcomes.

singer quantum stylist 9960 reviewsFeatures

  • Advisor on the LCD screen and advanced data
  • Operation drop on the bobbin
  • Automatic cutter and needle threader
  • Electronic auto pilot and speed slider


  • Easy to use
  • Resourceful
  • Large area for working
  • Quality
  • Best stitching patterns


  • Not appropriate for newbies
  • Quilting purpose area is small
  • Not portable


The Singer Quantum 9960 is a wonderful sewing machine. It is easy to use and contains some of the best stitching patterns any other machine can offer. It is suitable for professional level sewing, not for newbies. It does not come with a carrying case, which is why it isn’t portable.

2) Singer 7258 Stylist

Singer 7258 Stylist 100-Stitch Computerized Sewing Machine

What is the name of the computerized sewing machine that offers great features and accessories? It is the Singer 7258 stylish with plenty of stitching patterns. The parts and working of the machine are very easy to understand. Plus if any trouble arises, you can always take a glance at the Singer 7258 instruction guide and DVD.

singer 7258 stylist computerized sewing machine reviewsFeatures

  • Easy threading functions
  • 100 stitching patterns
  • 10 presser feet controls
  • Autopilot feature
  • LCD screen


  • Variety of built-in stitches
  • Easy to use
  • Durable
  • Less maintenance required
  • LED lights
  • Presser feet options


  • Plastic pedal
  • Unreliable warranty
  • Not provided with a carrying case


With the number of features installed in the Singer 7258, the price is perfectly adequate. It contains very easy controls, and the machine does not require much maintenance. However, the warranty of 7258 is unreliable.

1) Brother CS6000i

Brother 60 Stitch CS6000i Computerized Sewing Machine

The Brother CS6000i is perfect for those who prefer modern quality stitching. What’s more? This sewing machine is portable and reasonably priced. With 60 built-in stitches, one can lose their grip. With numerous features, the Brother CS6000i is designed with computerized technology offering the best stitching results. Having a brother sewing machine with automatic threader is every sewer’s dream.

brother cs6000i computerized sewing machine reviewsFeatures

  • Adjustable sewing speed
  • Fitted free arm
  • Long table
  • Automatic needle threader


  • Easy controls
  • Affordable
  • Less maintenance required
  • Stitching options
  • Automatic needle threader
  • Speed controller


  • Bobbin vomit problem
  • Thin throat
  • Unreliable needling placement


The Brother CS6000i computerized sewing machine is an all-in-one miracle worker. It is not only affordable but also offers loads of benefits to the sewing fanatics. The CS6000i does not even contain difficult handling controls; everything is positioned in front of the machine for easy coverage. It is the best-computerized sewing machine in 2021.

A Complete Buying Guide

When it comes to buying a sewing machine that will influence your whole career in soothing ways, it is important to make sure that you make the right decision. Every computerized sewing machines pros and cons need to be considered to make the right purchase.

Going for a digital stitching machine is a very good call. Sewing machines come under different prices, and they are not something you can buy every month. Your ideal sewing machine needs to contain the following aspects:

  • Easy to manage
  • Contains several features
  • Box comes with useful accessories
  • Tends to handle big projects
  • Can handle both heavy and light fabrics
  • Offers working space
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Lastly, it does not overburden you with maintenance

If you are living under the delusion that finding a sewing machine that is equipped with the above-said aspects is impossible – then you are wrong. The sewing industry is drenched with lots of machine brands that are widely recognized by the public. However, every person has different choices and demands. The best time to buy a sewing machine is for big sewing projects.

However, those days are long gone when people used to work with mechanical sewing machines – computerized sewing machines have replaced them. A computerized sewing machine can benefit one in lots of different ways. Even some of the most expensive sewing machines do not offer a wide variety of features, so choose wisely.

Types Of Sewing Machines

The Types of Sewing Machines

Sewing machines are divided into the following four major categories:

  • Electronic Sewing Machines

An electronic machine is built with a motor. The needle receives electric powers from the running motor. Unlike in a mechanical sewing machine, the foot pedal is electronic – it helps you to manage the speed. The presser foot involves only your foot to apply pressure, and both of your hands are free, which gives you more room for handling sewing.

In an electronic sewing machine, the variety of stitches and lengths are located on the side of a machine. However, some electronic sewing machine models offer automatic thread setting and cutter. With the variety of stitching options, there are buttonhole styles also available. Electronic machines are reliable for performing big or small projects, and they provide sewists with a variety of different stitching options.

  • Overlocker Sewing Machines

Overlocker sewing machines are different from any other sewing machine category. The basic function of an overlocker sewing machine is to finish hems and seams professionally and neatly. Overlocker machines do not contain many features, but they do have the capacity to deal with the fabric at an advanced speed. The working manner of an overlocker machine is very different than a standard sewing machine. It uses at least 9 threads with a set of needles, and an overcast pattern is created when the extra fabric is cut out.

An overlocker machine is perfect for creating curtains, knitting material, and hems. Along with other standard sewing machines, an overlocker machine adds enhancement to sewing projects.

  • Mechanical Sewing Machine

A mechanical sewing machine is one of the oldest sewing machines ever to serve mankind. A mechanical sewing machine does not need electricity to work. A mechanical sewing machine does not come with a variety of different useful features it requires a lot of effort to use.

A wheel or a dial is positioned on the side of a mechanical sewing machine, which is used as a foot pedal. Despite being hard to work with, mechanical sewing machines offer a great deal of durability. Every mechanical sewing machine is manufactured from strong metal, and it contains the tendency to last for a long time. Mechanical machines are, no doubt very versatile and are suitable for performing basic sewing projects. These machines do not respond well to thick fabrics.

  • Computerized Sewing Machines

Technology is taking over our entire universe. First of all, what is a computerized sewing machine? Computerized sewing machines offer a wide variety of features and are perfect for every level. With LCD, touch screen displays, and LEDs, one can enjoy working with these types of sewing machines.

Even those machines that contain basic computerized features can be able to save your settings and arrange the tension according to your demands. The computerized sewing machine disadvantages are none.

Computerized sewing machines are mostly preferred by all the sewers. Who doesn’t want to own a sewing machine that operates with just the touch of a button? Computerized machines contain more features and can perform sewing more effectively. With the USB port option, one can be able to save their designs on the machine’s computer.

Other than that, some people struggle with “computerized sewing machine how it works,” once you read its manual, things will get clear. You can speed up your sewing process with a computerized sewing machine. Even if you don’t know how to sew on a sewing machine, a computerized sewing machine can offer you easy controls, and you’ll learn in no time.

Before You Begin: Consider the Following Questions

It doesn’t matter what machine you are going to purchase; it is always best to perform a little research before you leave the house.

Before you do anything, there are always some basic questions that you need to ask yourself. Consider the following:

  • Usage
  • Price
  • From whom the machine is for and what level of experience is required?
  • Brands
  • Where will you store the machine?
  • What kind of projects will you be performing on it?
  1. Usage: Ask yourself; how often are you going to use the machine? Be honest with yourself because a sewing machine is not an easy purchase. If you intend to use the machine occasionally, then it’s not sensible to spend thousands of dollars on a high-functioned sewing machine model. You need to ask yourself, “What does a computerized sewing machine do?” You can find the answer to this question if you prefer to buy it.

However, if you plan to use the machine for a sustained purpose, then buying a cheap machine will not be a good decision.

  1. Price: If you plan to use the machine for a long time, then buying a reliable and quality filling machine will be the right decision. However, it is important to consider your budget first. Does the price matter to you? If you are just a student and want to buy a sewing machine for project-basis, then the price scenario will be different for you. On the other hand, the price shouldn’t be of matter to a business person.

If you are lucky, you might find a cheap sewing machine. But, the chances of that are not that likely to happen. Plastic sewing machines are cheap, but they do not offer quality. You need a computerized sewing machine that offers you great advantages and features, and one that is affordable.

  1. For whom the machine is for and what level of experience is required? It is important to know the experience level and for whom the machine is being bought. Experienced sewers would prefer premium quality sewing machines with various features. It is not likely to find a cheap machine with all the high-quality features. Also, ask yourself how the machine will be used. If you want to use the machine for small scale sewing, then a high-functioned machine will not be appropriate.
  1. Brands: A lot of popular sewing machine brands have been mentioned in this review. You can consider Brother, Singer, Janome, and Juki for enhancing your sewing experiences. Each of these brands offers unique features and beautifully organized machines. There are a lot of reasonably priced sewing machines offered by these brands. However, you can go for a brother digital sewing machine or a Singer digital sewing machine as well. You can search the web for a variety of different options to choose from. Choosing a computerized sewing machine from one of these brands would be the right decision.
  1. Where will you store the machine? At this point, you need to figure out whether you are going to travel a lot with your machine or place it on a sewing table. Portability and mobility are the key aspects to consider. Find a sewing machine that is portable and mobile.
  1. What kind of projects will you be performing on it? Your sewing machine venture depends on the type of projects you are going to perform with it. From garments to fancy dresses, you need to consider the type of machine you want. A cheap computerized sewing machine will do no good if you want to sew serious projects. By evaluating the projects, you can be able to make a decision quickly.

Never Buy a Sewing Machines

Never Buy a Sewing Machine without the Following Features

If programmable sewing machines do not come with the below-mentioned features, they are not worthy of buying:

  • Drop-in Bobbin

Some sewing machines have poor poorly installed bobbin functions, and that can be a major let down sometimes. However, if you want to have good sewing experience, never ditch this feature. Bobbins are positioned in front of the machine inside a cover. When it comes to changing the bobbin, you have to take the cover off and then replace the bobbin with a new one.

Even if you have replaced the bobbin, you won’t be able to see the amount of thread left in it because of poor quality. In computerized sewing machines, there is a top-loading drop-in bobbin feature. It is easy to take the bobbin out and put it back into its place without having to remove the casing.

What’s more, you ask? This feature is attached with a see-through cover; it means that you’ll be able to see the amount of thread left or if there is any. So, be sure to purchase a machine with this feature; otherwise you won’t be able to forgive yourself.

  • Needle Threader System

Having a machine without a needle threader system is terrifying. How would you like to thread your machine each time you sew? Not much, right? Well, with any machine, you will love to sew and make lots of different things, but that involves threading the machine after every accomplishment. This can get tiring.

A sewing machine with an automatic tension control system can help you get rid of the threading issues.  All computerized sewing machines contain automatic needle threaders. This is a very beneficial feature. It can be agonizing to keep threading the needle, and some people struggle a lot with that.

A computerized sewing machine offers quality needle threading systems. This feature can help you a lot in your sewing projects, plus it will take you out of the hectic needle routine.

So, be a smart buyer and purchase a sewing machine that contains the automatic needle threader feature. This feature will not just help you to save time, but it will also prove to be very effective. Even the best of us can’t handle the needle and thread game, so it’s best to let technology do that for us.

  • Free Arm Feature

You have no idea how many benefits a free arm can provide you with. You can be able to sew both round and narrow sleeves with pant hems. If a sewing machine does not contain the capability to transform into free arm sewing, then you won’t be able to sew those things effectively.

So, never buy a sewing machine without a free arm feature. This feature will save you from a lot of hefty problems. The free arm will help you to make the best kind of clothing without having to struggle. It is best suggested to buy a computerized sewing machine because it contains the best quality free arm feature.

  • Accessories

What’s the use of buying a sewing machine that does not come with accessories? Accessories are the major hype of every sewing machine. Accessories are the usual add-ons that offer great advantage to your sewing. However, you can purchase accessories separately, but wouldn’t it be great if your sewing machine came with them? The accessories play a major role in providing support to your sewing projects. It is not possible to execute a project without a single element of the provided accessories.

  • Fitted Stitches

Fitted stitches are known as programmed stitches. Different sewing machine models offer unique built-in stitches. Without built-in stitches, it is not possible to create a specific sewing pattern on your clothing. In the built-in stitches, there is some great sewing machine with most decorative stitches as well. These stitches are used for detailing the fabrics to offer uniqueness. By using the heirloom stitch, you can sew accurate heirlooms on any project. The Monogram stitching pattern is best for lettering. Your projects will look dull if you don’t have this feature. Sewing machines computerized offer lots of stitches. In conclusion, buy a machine with as many stitch options as you can find.

  • Buttonholes

Every decent machine contains this feature. It is known as the automatic buttonhole feature. The number of buttonhole styles depends on the manufacturer of the machine. If you can find a machine with just 3 unique buttonhole styles, that’s pretty much enough. However, if you somehow get your hands on a 6-step buttonhole, what more could you ask for? A computerized sewing machine contains a lot of buttonhole styling options. It is always best to purchase a computerized sewing machine if you want the best of all features.

  • Needle Positioning

The usual position of the needle is below the presser footstalks. If your sewing project requires a little closer sewing, then you have to change the position of the needle. If you buy a machine that does not let you position the needle to wherever you want, what’s the use in that? That is why; always buy a machine with needle positioning options.

  • Presser Feet

If you are struggling on how to use sewing machine feet, then stress no more. The presser feet are responsible for keeping the fabric intact and engage the feed dogs to operate. In every sewing machine, there is at least one presser foot option. Different designs perform different operations.

  • Feed Dogs

Feed dogs are known as lines of uneven teeth; they are placed under the needle. The feed dogs are responsible for controlling the movement of your fabric. More feed dogs offer more grip. So, find a machine with as much as feed dogs as possible. Some people still struggle with the phrase “magnetic seam guide computerized sewing machine,” but with a little help from the feed dogs, straight-line sewing can be possible.

  • Drop Feed Dog Lever

As mentioned above, the feed dogs control the fabric’s movement. If you wish to apply more control to this feature, you can opt to drop the feed dogs so they won’t interact with the material. However, if your sewing does not require close-up, you can seek this feature out.

Always make sure that your sewing machine contains the features mentioned above. Without them, you will have a hard time sewing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Easy To Use?

Are Computerized Sewing Machines easy to Use?

The answer to this question is very clear and simple –of course, they are! The kind of features and technologies used in a computerized sewing machine are not available in any other.

What other sewing machines other than a computerized one offer you a full view of your sewing surface on the LCD screen? No other, just this one. With LEDs, you can focus on your sewing without having to worry about the shadows blocking your view.

Computerized sewing machines contain very advanced and easy operative controls that every beginner can master. Yes, computerized sewing machines are easier to use.


Are computerized sewing machines reliable?

Computerized sewing machines offer great warranties of spare parts, circuits, and for the entire machine. So, it would be rude to say that computerized sewing machines are not reliable – because they are. These machines are not just reliable, but they are also very portable.

Compared to other standard sewing machine categories, computerized sewing machines are much more reliable. The chances of a computerized machine to stop working are highly unlikely. Even if a problem occurs, you can open the instructions manual and fix the problem.

 A computerized sewing machine will get you through the toughest of times. These types of sewing machines contain overpowering features which help in creating all kinds of projects. With the variety of different sewing machine brands, pick one and start your sewing ventures. However, if you face a problem with the face, you can always visit the brand’s website and search for troubleshooting options.

The websites of these machines are very accurate and offer proper information related to their products and the solution to the different problems that are being poked.

Have Foot Pedal

Do Computerized Sewing machines have foot pedal?

When compared with mechanical sewing machines, computerized sewing machines are smoother to use.

However, not all of the computerized sewing machines are designed without a foot pedal. The ones that are designed without one, they use a start/stop button instead of a foot pedal. Who wants to sew with a foot pedal? That is the main reason why mechanical sewing machines are not in use anymore.

With the ease offered by computerized sewing machines is unmatched. Working with modern technology comes with a lot of perks and elimination of effort. These days, people like to take the easy way out, and computerized sewing machines are the easy way out. With no foot pedal, you can easily answer the question, “Are computerized sewing machines better?”

Work With Mac Computers

Do the Computerized Sewing machines work with Mac Computers?

Yes, computerized sewing machines do work with Mac computers. Sewing machines that connect to a computer are known as computerized sewing machines.

The process for that is very simple.

 All you have to do is download your desired designs on your Mac computer and plug the computer to your computerized sewing machine with the USB ports. You will need a specific wire for that purpose.

You can ask your dealership to provide you with a cord to attach to your Mac Computer whenever the need arises. Once you’ve attached your computer with the machine, work your way through the LED screen, and your designs will be displayed.

Best Selections

Which Computerized Sewing machine is the best?

For a person who loves to use computerized sewing machines, there are a lot of sewing machine brands out there that offer maximum quality and stitching results. Finding the right sewing machine for you involves a lot of questions.

Everything is discussed in the “buying guide” portion of this review. A new home computerized sewing machine can give you lots of benefits. Once you have figured out the purpose of buying a computerized sewing machine, then you can move on to which one is best.

When we talk about “which sewing machine is the best,” the answer to that question is very simple; Brother CS6000i. This sewing machine contains all features, benefits, and accessories required to have great sewing experience.

Beginner Guide

Have you computerized Sewing machine best for a beginner?

There are plenty of computerized sewing machines out there which offer great advantages to beginners. As mentioned in the above FAQ, the Brother CS6000i is the best computerized sewing machine for beginners as well.

This sewing machine contains easy controls that any user can understand within minutes. Plus, if you prefer to take a look at the instructions manual, most of your queries will disappear.


Every aspect mentioned in this review is supposed to enlighten the users with facts when purchasing the best kind of computerized sewing machines. With just a little research, one can be able to learn new things and adopt new ways to perform different activities.

Just like that, computerized sewing machines are the new gateway to sewing heaven. At the beginning of this review, each stage and assumption related to computerized sewing machines are mentioned.

In the second half of this review, there is a list of the top 19 best computerized sewing machines of 2021. That list contains the features of all the best computerized machines. By taking a look at that, you can determine which machine will fit your needs best.

On the other hand, purchasing a sewing machine is not an easy task, but with the tactics mentioned above, you can make the right choice. Whether you are a beginner or a professional, all of your queries will fade away by reading this review.

So, you decide to pick the machine that best suits you. Do not rush yourself into making a decision, do proper research, and then go for it.

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